I am fortunate to have been born and lived in the hilltowns surrounding Shelburne Falls. I have always been surrounded by beauty in these foothills and rivers, as well as by the people who live here. Many here are local artists and farmers of all kinds who strive to lead simple lifestyles.

My father was born and raised in Geneva, Switzerland. woodworking
I grew up with him always working hard and spending his spare time working in our gardens or creating marquetry pictures.

His European influence on my work is simple, functional and artistic. I have aspired to emulate his example of exceptional fine detail and striving for perfection in my work.

All of my pieces are hand crafted with mortise and tenon joinery. The finish on all of the pieces is hand rubbed oil and varnished. The unique designs and physical labor are a part of the integretity of the works that produce heirloom quality pieces that can be enjoyed for generations.

Woods used are local and domestic: all deepen in hue with age. If you choose, you can have an active role in the design of your special piece. You may choose the woods to make your piece unique to you, or choose from one of the show pieces in the portfolio. I can also create something original for you.